The natural solution for
sustainable hard landscaping

Tuesday 23 February

The completion of BS 7533 Part 101 2021 on the design of pavements is a significant development in hard landscaping and a major achievement for the use of stone. What could be more natural and sustainable than using stone from the land in landscaping? It can aid drainage and biodiversity by improving habitats for wildlife, and create pleasant amenities for people to spend their time in.

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Sessions included:

  1.  The completion of BS 7533 Part 101 2021 on the design of pavements is a significant development in hard landscaping and a major achievement for the sustainable use of natural stone. 
    True or False? 
    Fortunately, the answer is ‘true’ but probably not in quite the way you might think.  Steven Burton and Phil Crichton get right down to the fundaments of ‘sustainability’, what it means in practice and how, while we’re all waiting for the ‘think tanks’ and the ‘policy makers’ to provide the universal blueprint  for ‘saving the planet’,  our industry; designer/specifiers, manufacturer/producers, contractor/installers can start making a real, tangible difference, now!   
    Steven Burton and Phil Crichton argue that by insisting on best practice in design and specification (ref the 101), small and immediate environmental benefits are immediately realised.  So, if we are to confidently state that stone is ‘the natural solution for sustainable hard landscaping’ we have to make it our business to ensure best practice in design, specification and construction becomes universal.
  2. Filippo and Martin will be discussing technical solutions that can support hard landscaping projects and the environment specifically focusing on products that do not release harmful substances whilst still providing protection. They will also go into how FILA is also an official signatory of The Climate Pledge, which undertakes to become net zero carbon by 2040, 10 years ahead of the Paris Agreement. 
  3. A brief insight into how Hardscape is actively supporting specifiers in their efforts to design projects which mitigate and adapt to climate change as a supplier of both natural and manufactured materials. Hardscape are acutely aware of the complexities designers and specifiers face when looking to make the right material choices when considering cost, ethical, environmental and sustainable criteria for placemaking in the public realm. Hardscape will demonstrate, through an inspirational product palette and project examples, their 25 years+ of experience and knowledge in the supply of hard landscaping materials to the UK and Ireland. 

  • I've seen how techniques and machinery have advanced in the stone trade, making life easier, more efficient and saving money on a project
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  • The Natural Stone Show has been really exciting for us, we’ve met a lot of great people and had a lot of traffic on the stand, it has been a great setting for our official launch.
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  • The real highlight of the show has been seeing so many people come to see the new colours that we've introduced...we've pulled in incredible crowds with the new range.
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