Responsible sourcing – tackling modern
slavery and supply chain management

Tuesday 22 February

The implications of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 for the UK stone industry. How the stone industry can contribute positively to their larger clients’ modern slavery statements in their annual reports and ensure the stone used in the UK is not contributing to child labour, bonded labour, or other forms of modern slavery or environmental damage.

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Sessions included:

  1. Tamsin Pickeral, Operations Director at Szerelmey will give a brief overview of the company’s journey to attaining Verification Level on the Ethical Stone Register. This will include a brief introduction to the company before looking at what Verification entailed, how we got there and more importantly the ongoing benefits of it. She will be looking specifically at three areas of the ESR, being Supply Chain, Carbon and Community. 
  2. No Child Left Behind is a tripartite project whose mission is simple; to eradicate child labour in Budhpura and other surrounding villages in key stone sourcing areas of Rajasthan.  Running since 2015, the project has already helped hundreds of children to get out of work and into formal education.  Made up of local and international NGO’s and corporate partners, the project seeks to achieve its goals by strong engagement with the community and its institutions. 
  3. The Ethical Stone Register (ESR) is an important development for the natural stone industry. It aims to ensure that scheme members are able to provide customers and clients with the reassurance that they take environmental, sustainability and ethical issues seriously and are prepared to take actions within their own business to tackle them. The ESR has three set levels, the higher that a company moves through the scheme the greater the amount and detail of information that is required about how it operates but this then corresponds to a greater level of reassurance to Clients about the sustainability and ethical credentials of the company and product. 

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