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Dr Lynda Skipper

Dr Lynda Skipper

Senior Lecturer & Programme Leader, Lincoln University

Dr Lynda Skipper is a senior lecturer and programme leader for the BA in Conservation of Cultural Heritage at the University of Lincoln. She lectures and advises on a range of topics, including science and preventive conservation, as part of the degrees at Lincoln, and for external clients through Lincoln Conservation. Lynda has previously worked as a conservator in the museum sector, heritage organisations and in private practice. Her research interests include stone, historic wallpapers and pigments. She has been involved in a range of projects in these areas, such as the uncovering of wallpapers at St Pancras Renaissance Hotel, and Mrs Smiths Cottage in Lincolnshire.  She also carries out materials analysis, ranging from pigment analysis to fibre and plastics identification using a variety of analytical techniques, including SEM-EDX, FTIR, XRF and PLM.

  • I've seen how techniques and machinery have advanced in the stone trade, making life easier, more efficient and saving money on a project
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  • The Natural Stone Show has been really exciting for us, we’ve met a lot of great people and had a lot of traffic on the stand, it has been a great setting for our official launch.
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  • You can find everything!
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  • The real highlight of the show has been seeing so many people come to see the new colours that we've introduced...we've pulled in incredible crowds with the new range.
    Simon Boocock
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