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No Child Left Behind

22 Feb 2022
Stone Digital
No Child Left Behind is a tripartite project whose mission is simple; to eradicate child labour in Budhpura and other surrounding villages in key stone sourcing areas of Rajasthan.  Running since 2015, the project has already helped hundreds of children to get out of work and into formal education.  Made up of local and international NGO’s and corporate partners, the project seeks to achieve its goals by strong engagement with the community and its institutions. 
Steve Walley, Managing Director - London Stone

  • I've seen how techniques and machinery have advanced in the stone trade, making life easier, more efficient and saving money on a project
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  • The Natural Stone Show has been really exciting for us, we’ve met a lot of great people and had a lot of traffic on the stand, it has been a great setting for our official launch.
    Kelly Johnson
  • You can find everything!
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  • The real highlight of the show has been seeing so many people come to see the new colours that we've introduced...we've pulled in incredible crowds with the new range.
    Simon Boocock
    CR Laurence of Europe