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18 - 20 April 2023

27 Nov 2018

Natural stone - the low carbon footprint building material


In a world disappearing under a pile of plastic what could be more natural than to turn to the very material the planet is made of - stone.

It does not pollute because it is used in its natural state. It is simply dug out of the ground, sawn, shaped and finished, giving it a minimal carbon footprint. There are no energy guzzling ovens, kilns or presses involved in the process. Even transport is low energy because stone is ubiquitous, so there is always a local source.

And, if you do choose to use an exotic stone from far away, even that has a low carbon footprint, both because of its production process and because it is transported on ships, which use the least fuel per tonne moved than any other form of engined transport.


Portland stone quarry

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  • I've seen how techniques and machinery have advanced in the stone trade, making life easier, more efficient and saving money on a project
    2017 Show Visitor
  • The Natural Stone Show has been really exciting for us, we’ve met a lot of great people and had a lot of traffic on the stand, it has been a great setting for our official launch.
    Kelly Johnson
  • You can find everything!
    2017 Show Visitor
  • The real highlight of the show has been seeing so many people come to see the new colours that we've introduced...we've pulled in incredible crowds with the new range.
    Simon Boocock
    CR Laurence of Europe

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