Stand: P15

Category: Bathrooms & kitchens, Machinery

Telephone: 0031 (0)492 57 90 50
Email: info@prodim-systems.com
Website: http://www.prodim-systems.com
Address: Lagedijk 26, 5705 BZ, Helmond, The Netherlands

Company Profile

Prodim offers complete digital templating solutions for the stone industry and is known worldwide for its portable digital measuring device, the Proliner. The Proliner enables stone firms to measure onsite and create accurate digital templates (for CAD).
In addition, Prodim offers tools and industry software it has developed itself, such as Proliner Stone CT for finalising measurement projects as ready-to-use production files for CNC machinery. Application-based Prodim Factory software packages enable stone workshops to manage, digitize and improve their business processes using one platform only.

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