2017 Exhibitor List


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Stand A36

Achilli SRL

Stand A60

ADI Group

Stand A1 & B1

Agglotech Spa

Stand D40

Albion Stone PLC

Stand E6




Stand F60

Aquacut Limited

Stand A30


Stand D16

Artisan Stone Supplies Limited

Stand P61

Ateliers Romeo s.r.l

Stand P16

ATS Diamond Tools Ltd

Stand P69

Bagia Stone Group SL

Stand D9

Basaltina S.R.L

Stand F50

Bath Stone Group

Stand E35

BDT Tooling

Stand AA50

Beltrami UK Ltd

Stand G16


Stand AA50


Stand A50 A50

C R L Stone

Stand AA1

Ca’Pietra Stone & Tile

Stand D6

Caithness Flagstone Ltd

Stand C20


Stand C50

Carrieres PLO

Stand C16

Casdron Enterprises Ltd (Lithofin)

Stand F9

CED Stone Group

Stand D17


Stand B40

Century Stone

Stand G50

Ceramiche KEOPE

Stand F35

Chaps & More E.K

Stand P74

Chemspec Ltd

Stand AA25


Stand G27

Cidiam Group SRL

Stand A60

Ciesse Diamant s.r.l.s

Stand P75


Stand A60

CMS Brembana

Stand AA50


Stand A1 & B1

Comandulli UK Ltd

Stand B50

Coor & Kleever

Stand A60

D Zambelis

Stand A60


Stand A20 & B20

Decor Luxury Stones

Stand P3


Stand AA60

Dimpomar – Rochas Portuguesas Lda

Stand D5

Donatoni Construzioni Meccaniche S.R.L

Stand A60

Doulting Stone Quarry

Stand C30

Dry-Treat Ltd

Stand D20

Elephant SRL

Stand B60


Stand B60

English Stone Forum

Stand D45

FABER – Tile & Stone Care

Stand AA29

Farpedra Lda

Stand G29

Federation of Indian Granite and Stone Industry (FIGSI)


Ferrari & Cigarini

Stand AA20

Fickert & Winterling

Stand P9

FLEX – Elektrowerkzeuge Gmbh

Stand C15


Stand A1 & B1

Forest of Dean Stone Firms

Stand E1

Foshan Hero Stone Co. Ltd

Stand D39

Fraccaroli & Balsan

Stand B40

Fuijan Nan’an Baishang Import & Export Co. Ltd

Stand F18

Fujian Kanger Furniture Material Co Ltd

Stand P37

Gallagher’s Kentish Ragstone

Stand G56

GDA Marmi E Graniti SRL

Stand D59

Ghines S R L

Stand B60


Stand A20 & B20

Global Granite Stones Ltd

Stand C10


Stand B40

GNT – Granitos do Norte

Stand P39

Grani Roc S.A.U.

Stand P60

Granichan SL

Stand F56

Granite Granite Limited

Stand C50

Granitos Irmaos Peixoto

Stand F54

Greystone Masonry Ltd

Stand E39

Guard Industry UK

Stand P6

Harrison Goldman

Stand C28

Historic England

Stand D45

Hodge Clemco Ltd

Stand D60

Huada Superabrasive Tool Technology Co. Ltd.

Stand AA30

HyComb UK

Stand P17

India Stonemart 2017

Stand A40

InOpera Ltd

Stand D40

Institute of Quarrying

Stand E55


Stand A1 & B1

Intermac UK

Stand AA60

Istone – Irmaos Silva & Teixeira Lds

Stand G40


Stand A60

Jingmen Feiyue Commercial Trading Co. Ltd

Stand F17

Johnsons Wellfield

Stand E25

Johnston Quarry Group

Stand D36

Jupiter Heating Systems Ltd

Stand C24

Karim Housing Ent

Stand G28

KGS Diamond International

Stand B60

Laser Products Europe Ltd

Stand B50

Leica Geosystems

Stand P10

Lovell Stone Group

Stand E40

LPE Group Ireland Ltd

Stand B50

LPE Group Ltd

Stand B50

LPE Tooling Ltd

Stand B50

Malbros Impex Pvt Ltd

Stand E50

Manologlou S.A.

Stand G39


Stand B40

Marmalcoa Stone Works

Stand F59

Marmi Colombare Srl

Stand E49

Marmo Meccanica

Stand B60

Marmoguia – Marmores E Cantarias Lda

Stand F48

Marmomacchine International

Stand A39

MB Stone International

Stand E30

McMonagle Stone

Stand P35

Mec srl

Stand C39

Mondial Mec

Stand A20 & B20

Montresor & Co. SRL

Stand AA50

MVC – Marmores de Alcabaca Lda

Stand C25

Natural Stone Concepts

Stand G26

Natural Stone Specialist


Neosouth Stones

Stand P25

Nicola Fontanili Srl – Fontanili Marble UK

Stand E54

Odorizzi Giuseppe SRL

Stand E45

Officine Marchetti S.R.L

Stand AA40

Omag S.P.A

Stand A60

Omni Cubed Europe Ltd

Stand B50

Pardais Granites

Stand P34

Pat Sharkey Engineering

Stand A20

Pavoni Step Automazioni

Stand AA50

Pedrantiqua Lda/ESSENZIA

Stand F40


Stand B40

Photo Templater

Stand B50

Pika Srl

Stand P75

Piramide – Stone Solutions

Stand P32

Polimagra SA

Stand C29


Stand G36

Porcelain Slabs

Stand P40

Portland Sculpture & Quarry Trust

Stand C57

Prabhu Stones Pvt Ltd

Stand P29

Pragosa Industria

Stand E47


Stand P15

Qingdao Chenyu Stone Co. Ltd

Stand F46

R R Paving Stones

Stand P31

Raimondi Spa

Stand A30

RHF Stone

Stand A26

Rocan Products Ltd

Stand P1

Roccia Machinery Ltd

Stand B40

Rocks Forever (Neotek Quartz)

Stand F16

Rubi UK Ltd

Stand G19

Ruipedra – World of Natural Stone, SA

Stand C36

Sait Abrasives UK Ltd

Stand AA26

Sandberg LLP

Stand E29

Sankyo Diamond Tools

Stand P2


Stand E56

Sassomeccanica Srl

Stand B20

Sauno Ltd

Stand P68


Stand D19


Stand AA16

Sigma Ltd

Stand A20 & B20


Stand B60

Skelair International Ltd & Marini Quarries Group

Stand P4

Slab Centre

Stand P18

Slabsmith Europe

Stand B50

SMC Stone Machinery

Stand AA50

Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings

Stand D46


Stand B40

Southern Stone

Stand P63

Spielvogel GmbH & Co KG

Stand A20 & B20

STF London

Stand D55

Stone Consulting

Stand C1

Stone Deco Ltd

Stand G46

Stone Equipment International

Stand B60

Stone Federation Great Britain

Stand D26

Stone Partner

Stand P27

Stone Profits Systems

Stand P36

Stone Trading

Stand F26

Stoneasy Ltd

Stand G16

Stonecare Europe SRL

Stand P70

Stonegate Precision Tooling Limited

Stand E16

Stoneware Ltd

Stand G49

Stonewhite International Trade Co. Ltd

Stand G10

Stuart Brown Marketing

Stand P7

Suite Deco by Vicentina Marmi

Stand F51

Swiat Kamiena – Polish Stone Magazine

Stand A36

Tasca Stone

Stand G54


Stand B40

Terzago Macchine SRL

Stand A60

The Ethical Stone Company

Stand E27

The Institute of Historic Building Conservation

Stand D50

The Lamb Group

Stand F39

Thibaut SA

Stand B30

Tile & Stone Journal

Stand P30

Tilers Tools

Stand A30

Traditional Stone Restoration Ltd

Stand F49

Trans-European Stone Ltd

Stand P66

Tremco Illbruck Limited

Stand E57

Trimline Group

Stand G1

Trow and Holden Co Inc

Stand E59

Turrini Claudio

Stand B50

Uni Lite Stone Co Ltd

Stand F28

Waterjet Corporation srl

Stand A50

Waters Group Ltd

Stand B1 A1


Stand B60

Welsh Slate Ltd

Stand P67

Xiamen Aobo Stone Co Ltd

Stand P33

Xiamen Bonstone Import & Export Co. Ltd

Stand F19

Xiamen Chitrust Import & Export Co Ltd

Stand F29

Xiamen Five Brothers Stone Co. Ltd

Stand F30

Xiamen Kaili Import & Export Co. Ltd

Stand E26

Xiamen Kingrich Import & Export Co. Ltd

Stand E48

Xiamen UU Stone Industrial Co. Ltd

Stand F10

Xiamen Win Stone Import & Export Co. Ltd

Stand F20

Xiamen Yoyo Stone Imp & Export Co Ltd

Stand C35

Xiamen Zhuoshi Import & Export Co Ltd

Stand G30

Xinyun Stone (Yunfu) Co. Ltd

Stand F45

Yi Xing Hoy Stone Co. Ltd

Stand E46

Yunfu Wayon Stone Co. Ltd

Stand F27

Zirve Stone Gallery

Stand D56